The Facts About Weight Loss Without Exercise


The experts say that you need to exercise for weight loss. There are a lot of diet pills, diet supplements, fad diets, and mind-blowing weight loss claims out there which seem to claim otherwise. Is it possible to experience permanent healthy weight loss without exercise?

Of all the articles and ads about weight loss and weight loss products,Guest Posting you will notice that many of them seem to be saying that weight loss without exercise is what they have to offer. They will tell you about some diet pill, or perhaps a diet, which is going to take the weight off without you lifting a finger…other than to unscrew the cap.

So here’s the question: Can somone really lose weight simply by adjusting their diet? So many people feel that they do not have the time to ikaria juice exercise, or feel they lack the energy to exercise, or just plain don’t want to. It would be great if all they had to do was take some pill or eat some specific diet and the weight would go away, right?

Now, my problem is that when I think of, or advise someone on, weight loss, I automatically throw in adjectives like “healthy” and “permanent”. I’m not really in touch with the concept of using a diet to lose a few pounds to get back into last year’s clothes or to look good at the high school reunion. I tend to think of losing weight as a step to the point where you achieve your weight loss goal and enter the realm of weight management. At this point, you are living a healthy lifestyle of combined physical activity and proper nutrition and are able to enjoy life to the max…for a good many years to come!

“Yeah, Don, that’s great, but I’m one of the first group of people you talked about. I just want to lose weight and don’t want to mess with exercise. Heck, man, I’m so overweight and pooped all the time that just thinking about exercise scares me. Just tell me what diet pill to take or diet to follow so that I can get my weight down, look good, feel good about myself, and enjoy life like you say!”