Harmonic and Acoustic Transference to Stop Locust Swarms

Is it possible to stop a locust plague through use of sound waves, harmonics and acoustic directional sound technologies? First we know that Locust Swarms are intense with as many as 20 million insects ripping through the countryside eating everything in sight. Indeed these Acoustic Screens swaths of devastation can be five to twenty square miles wide.


How could we build a directional sound machine capable of stopping locust plagues on our neighbors? Or even within the United States? Perhaps we could use one of these ideas to solve this very urgent problem that we face? Perhaps use a convoy of semi trucks, drive along side of them open up one sides of all of them and blast them with sound waves from huge array panels?

Like the non-lethal crowd control units they have now, but on a massive scale? Or put the think in a blimp and fly over them and send the sound waves down to the ground? Or put reflective coating like the strawberry field sheets of plastic down in front of the locust plagues path and then when the locusts fly over use the blimp to send the sound waves down which would also reflect back to give them a double dose of Dolby surround-a-sound?

Make sure the resonance used will not interfere with the Blimp in any way, we do not need a repeat of the old Comet Airliner breaking apart in the air or the gas inside the blimp hyper-excited and expanding too fast? Unless you have pressure escape; the blimp might shoot up very rapidly and explode? What type of delivery system could we possibly build? Consider all this in 2006.